Lunch that’s the bomb – Review: Bomber’s Sandwich House, Cardiff

Continuing the theme of takeaway lunches in Cardiff city centre, I thought I’d review another recently opened destination, which has joined Munchesters on my list of preferred venues for a quick lunch to take back to my desk. Bomber’s Sandwich House serves salads and sandwiches with a big focus on freshly cooked roast meats. Every day, they announce what’s on the menu on their Facebook page and there’s always a good variety of different options on offer, such as gammon (with or without pineapple!), meatballs, salt beef, a variety of different chicken options (often very spicy, especially the ghost chilli versions – I heard a fellow customer being warned in no uncertain terms of how hot her chosen meat would be!), roast pork and pulled pork.

Hungry lunchers can choose to have their meat in a sandwich (including some giant baps!) or a salad box with various quantities of different meats. I tend to go for the salad box, as I love their homemade chunky coleslaw (they have versions of it with or without apple) and the fact that they have a huge range of pickles in their salad selection: beetroot, silverskin onions, gherkins and red cabbage all feature high on my list of nice things to have in my salad!

Bomber's Salad

Bomber’s Salad

Unusually for me, I tend to go for one of the chicken options when I go to Bomber’s. Generally, I steer well clear of chicken from sandwich shops, as the cold diced chicken that a lot of them serve is at best unpleasant, and at worst bears no resemblance to actual chicken! Not so at Bomber’s: they slice up freshly cooked chicken breasts in front of you, and the meat, which is served hot, is moist, succulent and clearly of a good quality. I’ve particularly enjoyed the harissa chicken with zesty lemon mayonnaise. The menu should particularly appeal to spice lovers, and a selection of the spice mixes they use are on sale too.

I love treating myself to a lunch from Bomber’s. The portions are generous and the food seems to be excellent quality. A normal portion of meat with salad is £3.60. And the staff are really friendly and enthusiastic, and talk with passion about what they’re serving if you ask them any questions. On a couple of occasions, they’ve let me try a small piece of one of the chicken options if I’ve been unsure of how spicy they’re going to be. I also like the way they’ve branded the place, and the concept of the daily Facebook updates on the menu.

I’ve not yet tried the cakes but they also look fantastic – some homemade Millionaire’s shortbread recently looked extremely tempting.

Bomber’s is another one to add to the list if you’re looking for a takeaway lunch in Cardiff city centre.

Bomber’s Sandwich House, Guildhall Place, Cardiff CF10 1EB


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