Coffee with flavour – Product review: Nespresso Livanto flavoured capsules

Regular readers will know about my ongoing love affair with Nespresso, and also about the various limited edition capsules that Nespresso often introduce for short periods of time. They’ve recently carried out a vote with Nespresso’s club members to find out what are the favourite limited edition capsules, and the three most popular have been launched as permanent additions to the range. The winning three were the Limited Edition variants of Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Caramel, and these have been re-introduced as Vanilio, Ciocattino and Caramelito Variations Grand Crus. They offer a combination of delicious natural aromas with the smoothness of the Livanto Grand Cru, which is one of my favourites, and apparently the Grand Cru with the optimum profile for complementing different flavours – which makes me feel less guilty about my habit of sometimes drinking it with the addition of flavoured syrups!

My penchant for flavoured coffees (I’m a regular drinker of caramel lattes and like an occasional mocha or vanilla to ring the changes!) made me very excited about trying samples of each of the new capsules. I wasn’t disappointed, although they were a very different experience from that of adding a syrup to my coffee: the flavour was much more subtle and seemed to somehow shift the flavour of the coffee slightly, rather than adding another flavour to the taste of the coffee – if that makes any sense whatsoever!? I suppose another way to explain it is that the flavours blended much more than they do when you add a flavoured syrup – testament to the skill with which Nespresso develop their grand crus. Nespresso recommend that the capsules are best served alone as an espresso, and I did try one like this (the caramel) but found it too strong, so I ended up having mine with milk as a latte.

As usual, Nespresso have come up with some recipes using the new capsules in cold drinks for the summer, which are available on their website and sound very tempting – to the extent that whilst writing this blog post I’ve had to stop in order to go and make myself an iced Nespresso!

Thank you to Nespresso for my complementary samples of the new capsules.

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