Love to Dine Dish of the Month: April 2013

Dish of the Month for April features a pudding for the first time since I started this series of posts to showcase some of the best dishes I’ve eaten on repeat visits to favourite restaurants – without having to review them all over again!

We had a visit from friends last weekend and decided to go for Sunday lunch with them at the New Pilot in Penarth – because we felt sure we’d have a good meal, and also because it’s child-friendly and our friends have a one year old (who, incidentally, behaved impeccably throughout our visit!)

We all enjoyed our meals, but the pudding that two of us chose was definitely the highlight – and the best dish I’d eaten all month. It was a white chocolate pannacotta – served as a slice from a larger pannacotta, rather than an individual one – plus rhubarb jam and a coconut macaroon. It was quite an unusual combination of flavours, but it really worked as a dish. The pannacotta was silky smooth, the rhubarb jam not the slightest bit sharp, and the coconut macaroon was divine: gooey to the point of almost being like a meringue, with a surprisingly refreshing coconut cream in the centre. When I looked at the dish I did wonder whether there would perhaps not be enough of the rhubarb jam, but even the quantities seemed just right. The presentation was lovely too and almost had a fine dining feel.

photo (2)

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