Beautiful beans! – Product review: Coffees from York Coffee Emporium

When I occasionally deviate from restaurant reviews on the blog (as I seem to have been doing a lot of late – but, fret not, at least three new reviews are on their way soon!), the subject is often another of my favourite things: coffee. This was picked up by the York Coffee Emporium – an independent artisan coffee roaster, based in York (as the name suggests) who contacted me to ask whether I’d like to try some samples of their premium coffee.

All of York Coffee Emporium’s coffee is freshly roasted to order, in small batches, and blended to create different recipes. They also specialise in loose leaf tea and tea and coffee-making equipment, but it was their in house roasted gourmet coffees that I was to try.

I received three sample bags, which had been ground to order for me to use in a cafetiere at home – I had been given a choice of how I wanted my beans ground. The samples were the Emporium Excelsio Blend, the Elk Hill Indian Estate Coffee and the Papua New Guinea Mt Michael. Each one came with detailed tasting notes that had been personalised for me, a rating of strength and roast on a scale of one to five and a bit of background to where the beans come from – I learnt quite a few facts from my tasting notes, for example, Mt Michael is a 2,863m mountain peak in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea – so my mind was educated as well as my palate! They had all been packaged with loving care, and shipped in a robust box so that no harm came to them on their journey to me!

All the coffees I tried were unusual, but tasty and great to try – and, most importantly for me, the tasting notes had really managed to capture the flavour and experience of drinking each of them. This shows that the Emporium really know their stuff, and is also a good sign for anyone who wants to try a new coffee or two but isn’t sure whether they will like a particular blend. The coffees I tried ranged from £3.50 up to £5 for a 200g bag of beans, and you knew you were drinking something special.

Sadly, I’m not based in York, but the coffees I tried have intrigued me enough that when I am there next, I will make a point of finding the York Coffee Emporium and experiencing them first hand! In the world of homogenised coffee chains and instant coffee, it’s lovely to find a provider that goes back to basics and creates unique, hand-roasted blends. Happily, those of us who don’t live nearby, can also order online from – which has a whole wealth of coffee delights to explore! They also supply retailers, so perhaps a coffee house in Cardiff might consider sourcing their beans from York. Here’s hoping!

York Coffee Emporium, Unit 8, London Ebor Business Park  Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York YO26 6QY

Thank you to York Coffee Emporium for providing me with free samples of their coffees.

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