Long, lazy mornings – Product review: Nespresso Linzio Lungo coffee capsules

It’s been a while since I first became a fan of Nespresso, and although they’ve released a couple of limited edition capsules to temporarily augment their range in the past year or so, the new Linzio Lungo Grand Cru is the first permanent addition to the range that I’ve been party to.

I was excited to try this new Grand Cru, as my favourites in the existing range are both Lungo capsules (a capsule designed for a longer coffee drink, rather than the traditional espresso). According to the press release accompanying the launch, this new coffee “acknowledges the start of the day as a time of ritual, a moment to be enjoyed as you enjoy the round and smooth coffee that intimately captures those precious morning moments, ahead of the commute to work, the daily school run, and the pressures of the day ahead.” Now, that description of a morning doesn’t sound anything like my own start to the day – any ‘precious moments’ I might have to spare are, without fail, spent ‘intimately capturing’ an extra few minutes’ sleep (on a weekday, at least). So, I decided to save my Linzio Lungo experience for the weekend, and tried a cup of morning coffee after a more leisurely start to the day, so I could indeed enjoy the suggested moment of indulgence over breakfast.

Image: Nespresso

Image: Nespresso

Linzio Lungo, which comes in an orange capsule (the colour of a sunrise, obviously), is a Grade 4 on the Nespresso intensity scale – again, this appealed to me, as I like the less intense coffees in the range, and it certainly lived up to its promise – a smooth, rich flavour, which worked very well with silky frothed milk, courtesy of my trusty Aeroccino. Apparently, the smoothness an richness is all down to the inclusion of a new variety of Arabica coffee bean from Colombia, which hasn’t appeared in a Nespresso Grand Cru before. A sleeve of ten capsules costs £3 from one of Nespresso’s boutiques, or their online store.

I actually enjoyed Linzio Lungo so much that I may move away from my usual coffee tipple (Vivalto Lungo) next time I place an order.

Thank you to Nespresso for my samples of Linzio Lungo.

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