Love to Dine Dish of the Month: November 2012

The Love to Dine Dish of the Month for November has been a difficult choice, with some lovely repeat visits to favourites such as Pier 64 and Entrecote, and a first visit to Double Super Happy all providing dishes that were strong contenders for the prize!

After much deliberation, I settled upon a worthy winner – a Chateaubriand that I shared with my Dad when we visited Entrecote at the beginning of the month. At £60 for two people, this is certainly a special occasion dish, but it was fantastic and the quality (and quantity!) of the meat more than justified the price.

Chateaubriand at Entrecote

We ordered our Chateaubriand cooked medium rare, which it was, and had been left to settle so it was pink but not bleeding when it was carved at our table – with the obligatory ceremonial flair! It was served simply with a selection of vegetables and a portion of chips per person, plus generous servings of Bearnaise and Bordelaise sauces. The meat was amazingly tender and succulent, and despite it being an enormous portion, I couldn’t leave any of it on my plate as it was so good. The sauces were flavoursome and the vegetables well cooked too.

Entrecote has impressed me several times over since my first visit, and with starters on this occasion including escargots and cuisses de grenouilles (that’s snails and frogs’ legs to my non-francophone readers) it continues to bring some seriously good French cooking to the somewhat unlikely setting of Mermaid Quay.

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