Mid-week Mexicana – Restaurant Review: Oscars Wednesdays at Oscars of Cardiff

As a food blogger, you could say that sometimes it’s a case of another day, another dinner – but when the day in question is a Wednesday, and the dinner is at Oscars of Cardiff, you can certainly expect something out of the ordinary!

A few months ago, I went along to try Oscars’ Marvellously Meaty night, in honour of American Independence Day, so I was pleased to be invited back to try another one of their ‘Oscars Wednesdays’ menus – this time, ‘Tacos and Twister’ night – in the company of fellow blogger, Nikki from Your Last Mouthful.

We sampled a Mexican themed menu, which included a ‘twister’ shooter (which neither of us tried as we were both driving) and was an enticing price at £12 per head for two courses plus the shooter. Brave diners could also accept the chilli chicken challenge: pay £5 for a portion of super spicy chilli chicken and if you can eat it in under 5 minutes, you can enjoy the £12 menu free of charge! I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy food, so I didn’t accept the challenge, but I can imagine it being fun if you were dining with a group and had one or two chilli challengers in your party.

Our starter was a flatbread, served with all the usual Mexican trimmings: salsa, sour cream and guacamole, and had a definite hint of spice.

Flatbread with all the Mexican trimmings

Flatbread with all the Mexican trimmings

To follow, we had a choice of fillings for our tacos. I went for beef brisket, which I think is one of Oscars usual menu offerings (albeit it normally comes with more traditional accompaniments!) The other choices were piri piri white fish, and a vegetarian option. The beef was wonderfully tender and tasty, with a rich flavour, and definitely something I’d want to try again if I was ordering off the regular menu. I’m not convinced it was entirely a match made in heaven with more Mexican accompaniments and what was actually a soft tortilla, rather than a crispy taco, but it was nice to try it nonetheless.

Taco time!

Taco time!

We had a couple of side orders– some crispy battered onion rings and a portion of chips – which, again, weren’t necessarily a perfect match with our Mexican mains, but were very tasty anyway!

To finish, we ventured back to the standard menu and I fell for the seductive charms of one of the richest desserts I’ve ever tried: Oscars chocolate macaroon mess. Crushed chocolate macaroons were mixed into lashings of cream and topped with slabs of swirly white and milk chocolate. It also featured chocolate popping candy – not too much to overpower the dessert, but just enough to remind you every so often of its presence (and of childhood) with an unexpected crackle! Even for someone like me with an exceptionally sweet tooth and an extraordinary capacity to consume rich food, this dessert was a little bit too much after a meal, but I’d love to go back and try it again on its own as it was lovely. Going back more than ten years now, a group of friends and I used to meet at the pub just to have pudding. This made me yearn for those days again, as this is exactly the kind of pudding that warrants being the focal point of an evening!

Oscars Chocolate Macaroon Mess

Oscars Chocolate Macaroon Mess

Oscars Wednesdays seem to be a roaring success, with the venue packed when we visited. Service was second to none, and extremely friendly and enthusiastic. The standard menu continues to be available alongside whatever the featured theme menu is, so there’s something for everyone, but the theme menus tend to be very good value, so there’s no excuse not to have a mid-week treat! Upcoming nights include a winter-themed Belly Warmer Night, Fish Supper Night and Sizzling Steak Night. Oscars Wednesdays then take a break for the festive season throughout December, starting again in January.

Oscars of Cardiff, 6-10 Romilly Crescent, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9NR




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