Coffee and wine? That’s just fine! – Product Review: Nespresso Limited Edition Naora Capsules

Having recently purchased (and blogged about) a Krups Citiz and Milk Nespresso machine, I was sent some samples of Nespresso’s latest Limited Edition Grand Cru, Naora, to try. The Naora comes in a pinky purple capsule which is very easy on the eye. Since we got our machine I’ve been wishing I could choose my coffee capsule selection on the colours that look nicest, rather than the coffee that’s inside – but I think in this case it would make the grade on both counts!

It comes in pretty purple capsules! (Picture: Nespresso)

In developing Naora, Nespresso’s coffee experts took inspiration from wine making and grape harvesting techniques – so, of course, I was immediately intrigued! Using these techniques, a pioneering and complex ‘late harvest’ coffee bean has been developed – using strict controls which allow the coffee cherries to mature until the last possible minute. As a result, Naora has a distinctive taste, which is described as being reminiscent of blackcurrant and blueberries. Now, I’m not sure I can particularly discern either of these tastes, but for me, the Naora capsule creates a mild, mellow coffee with a hint of sweetness and nuttiness (walnut and hazelnut are other descriptors that are used and I find it easier to pick out these flavours). It’s a 5 on Nespresso’s intensity ranking, and as such it suits my fairly delicate palate that doesn’t like anything too strong, but equally likes to still be able to taste the coffee even when I add milk to it.

Lots of Naora! (Picture: Nespresso)

Naora is recommended to be used as an espresso, but I’m not a fan of short coffees, so instead I’ve tried it as a long coffee with a splash of milk (really good as it allowed the unusual taste to come through), a latte (probably not the best choice as the delicate flavour was overpowered a bit by the creaminess of the milk and the drink overall was too rich for me) and an iced coffee with frothed milk (surprisingly good, given it could have gone the same way as the latte – but the cold milk doesn’t seem as creamy as the hot milk, and the coffee flavour managed to cut through and hold its own).

The sleeve of 10 that all the capsules come in (Picture: Nespresso)

Even the best-selling limited edition Nespresso capsules don’t make it into the core range as a permanent fixture, so if the Naora variety sounds like your sort of thing, I’d recommend stocking up on it now. Saying that, one limited edition variety, the Kazaar, did enjoy a second outing as a featured flavour due to its popularity first time around, so perhaps we might see Naora making another appearance soon! The capsules sell in packs of ten units for £3.50 each and can be ordered online or purchased in one of Nespresso’s boutiques or department store outlets.

With thanks to Nespresso   and Weber Shandwick PR for sending me complimentary samples of the Naora Grand Cru capsule to try.

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